What is hip hop?


Hip hop started with the DJ's.  As they spun their records, DJ's who rocked the discos, block parties, and skating rinks would recite short chants and rhymes to motivate the crowd, emulating the toasting and dub talk heard in reggae music.  These DJ's eventually extended the "breaks" of funk records and enlisted the aid of an emcee (or "MC") to help "move the crowd."  These emcee rhymes grew longer and more complexed and became known as "rap".  Hip hop was born, and along with this phenomenon, certain trends began to evolve.

The elements of hip hop include turntablism, emceeing, breakdancing, graffiti, and knowledge.  Hip hop was the voice of the inner city.  Top emcees gained a reputation for "telling it like it is."  Though this concept had promising potential, it spiralled out of control as hip hop became identified with obscenity and vulgarity. 
To the dismay of many of it's fans, hip hop has been corrupted and violated.  Today's rap music is infested with profanity, degredation, materialism, sexual immorality, and messages of lawlessness and Godlessness.  Many of hip hop's pioneers and it's most prominent artists have mourned the continuing demise of hip hop in interviews and in their songs.  But this is a trend that does not have to continue.


Hip hop can be restored to something respectful.  It can be redeemed.  Some will insist that hip hop is the devil's music.  Our contention is this: everything that the devil has, he stole!  The earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof (Psa 24:1).  This means that everything in the world is God's.  The devil can't have anything that we refuse to let him have...including hip hop. 


The question still remains: what is hip hop?  Well, some say it's a genre of music. Some say it's a culture; a lifestyle.  Some call it a nation, and some even go as far as to call it a religion.  The fact is hip hop is something different to everyone.  For Kingdom Ambassadors, it has become a fishing tool.  In the 5th chapter of Luke, the disciples fished all night and caught nothing.  In the morning, Jesus told the disciples to launch out into the deep and let down their net.  They caught so many fish that their net broke (Luk 5:5, Luk 5:6)


The Kingdom Ambassadors have been commissioned to minister to the masses through hip hop music.  There is a world full of people dying without knowing God.  We must do our part to reach as many as we can.  Jesus told His disciples that He would make them fishers of men (Mat 4:19).  We as Christians have been fishing all night and have caught nothing.  It's time to launch out into the deep and cast our nets.  Hip hop is our net.



















Scripture references provided by blueletterbible.org